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Graduate Jorge G. Parra Moguel heads the team of professionals serving at Notary Public 78  from those within the State of Quintana Roo, a place where talent, professionalism and experience merge in order to offer high-quality and reliable notarial and legal services aimed at supporting productive efforts of people and national/international companies that conduct business or transactions in this State, and furthermore with authority to attest documents as conferred by the Government of Quintana Roo.


Notary Public Jorge G. Parra Moguel is a Licensed Attorney-at-law with high professional and ethical standards who is committed with conferring authenticity to legal acts and facts pursuant to the provisions of Law, as well as with creating a commitment with all Customers by assuring compliance with every act and contract, always in full observance of the spirit of the law.


Notary Public 78 is comprised by a team of qualified attorneys, consultants, professionals, financial advisors, and business strategists, as well as the personnel who prepares all the instruments, deeds, and contracts; all of them  with a great spirit of service, diligence and experience. All collectively form a quality and efficient legal-consultancy body in the Riviera Maya, always costumer-oriented in order to meet our Customers’ needs.


All our services focus on planning, guiding and designing most effective and necessary strategies in all branches of law,  by paying close and systematic attention to our Customers until definitive consolidation and success is achieved within a legal scope in virtue of a sound decision making.


Legal professionals and advisors in Notary Public 78 focus on a professional and close advising for the development of necessary strategies for the appropriate legal structuration of their business, and thus facilitating their right operation and avoiding risk-situations for their patrimony and investment.



Provide legal certainty and top legal services with highest quality and in shortest time possible, ensuring our Customers’ welfare and satisfaction.



We want to make a difference and become a benchmark for all services provided in the Riviera Maya, by delivering professional services and achieving satisfaction in all our Customers.


Our Values

We believe in honesty, professionalism, ethics, social service, trust, and respect.




Lic. Jorge G. Parra Moguel

Holder Notary Public

Mtro. Gonzalo Alejandro

Zavala Bacab

Auxiliary Notary

Lic. Luis Alonso

Peraza González

Legal Coordinator Senior

C.P. Carlos Manuel Peraza Tec

Administrative Coordinator

Miguel Ángel López Morales

Legal Coordinator Junior

(984) 147 3794

(998) 874 4863 · (998) 301 1508

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